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Proven Hack To Generate Free iTunes Gift Card Codes {2018 Updated}

Learn the best & extremely easy ways to get free iTunes Gift Card in 2018

To all those distressed apple users who have spent countless hours on the internet searching for free iTunes Gift Card, we here in this guide are providing totally Legit and easy ways to get free iTunes Gift Card.

Now if we tell you that it’s super easy to get a $50 iTunes Gift Card it will be a complete lie, same as many websites on the internet claims so.

You may also have landed on some of these websites too who claims to provide you instant free gift cards, but in the end, you have found that they were a total waste of your time.

But it’s not impossible to get free iTunes Gift Card, neither it’s too hard; in fact, there are multiple totally legit ways to earn them. Just follow our guide and you will have your iTunes Gift Card code in time.

free itunes gift card hack 2018

All it requires is some of your time and a little patience as you may know that nothing is free. You get one thing in exchange for other. Don’t worry though in this case you only have to do some fairly simple and easy tasks.

What are iTunes Gift Cards and how to can use them?

Many online portals provide gift cards that have a certain value in terms of money i.e., Google Play Store Gift Card. These gift cards can be used for purchasing any products and services from their respective websites.


 5 Simplest Apple iTunes Gift Card Hacks

Apple also provide iTunes Gift Cards. You can use these gift cards to purchase a variety of stuff. You can also present these gift cards to your friends and family

All these gift cards have a fixed value like $25 or $100. They can be used to buy paid apps, games or music subscription from iTunes.

Without further ado let’s familiarize you with all the legit ways to earn free iTunes Gift Card.

Method #1: Signing up for Rewards program online and earn iTunes Gift Card

Rewards programs are the most surefire way to earn free iTunes credits.

If you are really serious about getting iTunes gift card you should definitely go for reward programs, as the possibility of getting a gift card is not on chance or luck but the effort you put.

Register for these reward program

reward programAll you have to do is register with your email on the online portals of these reward programs.

Sometimes you can get iTunes Gift Card for just registering, other times you get bonus points for signing up.

Make sure they are not asking for any kind of money or your credit card information.

Also, do not provide any other personal details that might compromise your online privacy or risk you in online theft.

List of websites that runs the rewards program

There are plenty of websites out on the internet but below we have provided the list of most trusted websites in this category:

  • MyPoints
  • SwagBucks
  • QuickRewards
  • PrizeRebel (Alternative to SwagBucks)
  • PointsPrizes

How will you earn your iTunes Gift Card?

All these websites work on the reward point model. It means they reward you with points for doing some small easy task for them. These tasks could be anything as simple as watching videos online, surfing the net, completing surveys, playing games.

Subscribers are also presented with an opportunity to sign up with the website for sponsor goods, products, and services. It totally up to you though and it’s also not necessary or lower your chances of earning a free iTunes Gift Cards in future.

The points you earn can be redeemed for iTunes Gift Card codes. But gift cards are not limited to iTunes only; you can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards, steam wallet codes and PayPal balance too.

The process is totally legal and completely free. You just have to invest some of your time.

Most of these programs also have apps available; you can download them on your phone and earn points even on the go.

How do these companies afford to give out free gift cards?

All these companies partnered with third-party sponsor firms who put their promotional material and ads on these websites.

Market research companies provide surveys to get market insight which users complete in exchange for rewards.

This is also possible that the free gifts cards are from the retailers who are providing the surveys and special purchase offer

These programs also send promotional and marketing email regularly to their subscribers about various third-party products, software, games etc, that how these companies afford to give out the free gift card.

Word of caution

Never provide your regular or personal email while signing up for these reward programs. Your inbox will be filled with marketing, promotional and junk mails.

Instead of that, it is recommended that you create a separate new email specifically for purpose of registering on these platforms.

Quick thoughts

Don’t expect to get iTunes Gift Cards in huge amount. The payout is usually low ranging from $5 or $10 worth of iTunes Gift Cards that you can earn from these platforms.

But the tasks are simple and don’t take much of your time. Also, you can do them on the go or whenever you are free.


Method #2: Utilizing Social Media to get iTunes codes

Many companies that provide gift cards have their official accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Following these companies gives you a reliable chance of getting free gift cards.

social mediaMost of these companies organize giveaways at regular interval to their most loyal followers.

Apart from that they also organize competition such as liking or retweeting their posts. You can be awarded a free iTunes Gift Card.

Second best bet for you to earn iTunes credits on social media is to follow deals hunters on Facebook and Twitter.

These can be individual or a group of people in closed groups who search and track down all the ongoing deals and provide them to their followers through their social media accounts.

These deals can very well be an iTunes Gift Card. Just search for them on Facebook or Twitter, you can use various keywords to starts with, such as deals, deals hunter and start following them or join their group.


Method #3: Sign Up to get iTunes Gift Card

This is another excellent way to earn for you, free iTunes Gift Card codes.

What you have to do is, search for companies or websites that want to increase their subscriber base, or to sign up for their newsletter or to promote their products and in return are offering free iTunes Gift Card.

There are plenty of them on the internet.

However, you have to be cautious as the internet is full of scammers too. Here are some precautions that you must adhere to in order to be safe from any scams:

  • This is needless to say but signup only on popular and legit websites. Look for their reviews on the internet.
  • Read carefully what they are asking in return for a gift card.
  • Look for whether or not they are asking for money. If the answer is yes they are not genuine and you should stay away from them.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not provide any personal information such as your location, address, credit card details, bank information, account number or any other information that can be used against you for internet fraud, data theft or spamming.


Method #4: Signing Up for a Mobile Rewards Program

Mobile Rewards Programs run the same way as the above mentioned online reward programs. The only difference is that they are totally app based.

Some popular apps in this category are:

  • MobileRewards
  • e-Rewards Mobile
  • JunoWallet

You have to download and install the mobile reward apps on your phone and complete the offers provided by them.

You earn points in returns which you can redeem for various gift cards.

Most of these mobile reward programs will give you tasks like downloading third-party apps and games on your mobile for testing purpose.

Occasionally they will also give surveys to complete.


Method #5: Register on for iTunes Gift Cards

If you are good at writing then you have a good chance of earning free gift cards through

The website lets it users earn points by writing quality articles on subjects and topic of their liking, uploading pictures and videos and even for commenting on the articles of other members on their websites.

You just have to create an account on

There are various groups based on gather which you can join to discuss topics and subjects other people are posting or interested in.

Topics and subject for the articles, picture, and videos totally depend on the choice of the author. You just have to make sure it’s interesting to read.

After posting the article, the more people that read it, the more reward points you will earn.

As you see that points depend on how many people actually read your article, make sure your article is interesting, have a catchy headline and is on the subject that most people are interested in.

You then can redeem the points for gift cards once you have crossed the threshold amount.

The option of direct payment to PayPal is also available. You can use this balance to purchase iTunes Gift Card.

The only downside is writing a quality article take an unusual amount of time.

And if you are particularly good at writing then more lucrative options are also available where you can earn actual money and in a respectable amount, such as freelancing or writing for blogs.


How to redeem iTunes Gift Cards?

You have done the hard work and it had paid off in the form of iTunes Gift Card code. The only thing remaining is to redeem them.

That’s very simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to any of the apple store (App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store)

Step 2: Just go to the bottom of the page where you have the redeem option.

Step 3: Enter the unique iTunes Gift Card code that you have received in your mail if you have earned the gift card following our guide.

Step 4: Once the code gets verified the balance will be added to your wallet.

You can now spend this balance on whatever paid apps, games or music you wanted to have on your iPhone.



Your little effort can easily get you the iTunes Gift Card. You only have to find legit websites who offers iTunes code for your efforts. Luckily for you, we have mentioned them all in this article.

Don’t fall prey to the websites offering free iTunes Gift Card codes instantly. These websites are generally fake, and you may most probably end up being scammed.

Give your feedback on how much amount in iTunes credits you have made through our guide. We love to hear from our users.


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