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GTA 5 Stock Market Guide to Make Millions Of Free Money

The stock market in GTA 5 runs the same as in real life. It has the same unpredictable price movements and the fluctuations are so random you will lose money in no time if you are not careful while investing.

Investment tips to get huge returns on GTA 5 stock market

In this guide on How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market, we are going to give you tips and methods to manipulate the GTA 5 stock market so that your investments always results in profits

GTA 5 Stock Market Hack

Understand the Stock market

LCN and BAWSAQ are the two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5. While LCN is directly affected by the in-game events BAWSAQ, on the other hand, is influenced by the collective actions of all the GTA 5 community members.

Now your focus should be on the LCN market as you will be able to manipulate it through your actions in the game. Whenever you cause anything bad in the game, the price on the stock market will drop. That is the key here, make the bad things happen. Got it! No? Don’t worry just follow our GTA 5 stock market guide and see your investments doubles and triples in no time.


Make money on GTA 5 stock market by carrying out the assassination missions.

You can manipulate the stock market in GTA 5 to your advantage and earn millions in GTA 5 money by carrying out the assassination missions.

This basically lets you damage the stock price of one company so the price of its rival company rises. You can use these stock market manipulations to rake in big profit.

Below we have listed all the assassination missions and the action you should take to earn maximum in GTA 5 money.

#1 The Hotel Assassination Mission

The first assassination mission that you get from Lester is the  Hotel Assassination mission. By completing this mission you can manipulate the stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) and Bilkington (BIL).

As the share price of Bilkington tank down, Betta Pharmaceuticals’ price will rise up. That is the opportunity for you to catch.

Steps you should follow while doing “Hotel Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before starting the mission invest with all your characters in Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • The stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals peaks at around 80% so wait until the rise, and then sell all the stocks of Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • Now when you complete the mission stock price of Bilkington will hit the bottom so that’s when you should buy them.
  • Wait until you think that you will get the maximum profit as the price return to normal, sell all the stock of Bilkington.


#2 The Legal Trouble Mission

The stock price of FlyUS will hit the rock when you complete the Legal Trouble mission. Although the stock price of its rival AirEmu will rise up. The situation will remain so until you complete the meltdown mission, after which the prices will return to their original value.

Steps you should follow in “Legal Trouble Mission” :-

  • Before the start of the legal trouble mission invest in the stocks of AirEmu.
  • Wait until the prices have reached the maximum and all the effect due to the Legal Trouble Mission have taken place, sell all the AirEmu shares and purchase FlyUS stocks.
  • Complete the Meltdown mission and when you think you have gained the maximum profit sell all the FlyUS stocks.


#3 The Redwood Assassination Mission

By carrying out this assassination mission from Lester you will be damaging the share price of Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) and in the process helping its rival’s Debonire on the LCN stock market to reach the peak.

Steps you should follow in “Redwood Assassination Mission” :-

  • Invest in Debonire cigarettes before the start of the mission as their price will be going up as you complete the mission.
  • Debonair peaks at around 80% so wait till it reaches that level then sell it and invest in Redwood Cigarettes whose stock price will be licking the ground by now.
  • Wait till the market rebound and it will take some time, but the profit is worth the wait. Your investment will be tripled.


#4 The Vice Assassination Mission

You will be damaging the price of Façade (FAC) in order to lift up the price of Fruit (FRT) on the BAWSAQ market by carrying out this assassination mission.

Steps you should follow in “Vice Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before attempting the mission, invest in Fruit (FRT) stocks.
  • Now wait as the market peaks around 50%, then sell all the stock of Fruit (FRT) and invest in the stocks of Façade (FAC), all the money that you have earned from the investment in Fruit (FRT) shares.
  • As the market has plummeted due to your assassination mission wait for it to rebound, then sell all the stock you are holding. This investment will bring you about a 30% return on Investment.


#5 The Bus Assassination mission

This is the fourth assassination mission from Lester and it will let you tank down the stock price of Vapid (VAP) on the BAWSAQ market.

As Vapid don’t have any rivals so there will be no pre-mission buying.

Steps you should follow in “Bus Assassination Mission” :-

  • After completing the mission wait as the market is hit by this assassination and the share price of Vapid (VAP) deflates completely, then buy as many Vapid stocks as you can.
  • Now you wait till the market rebound and you get 100% return on your investment.


#6 The Construction Assassination Mission

The aim of this mission is not to plummet the price of any stock, but to get back business of GoldCoasts Company from another rival construction firm.

This will raise the price of GoldCoasts stocks and you will get the opportunity to rake profit from this event.

Steps you should follow while doing “Construction Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before the mission invest in GoldCoast stocks.
  • After you have carried out the mission wait as the price of GoldCoast stock peaks at around 80%, then sell them to cash the profit.

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Guide To Complete Tinkle mission In GTA 5

This is not actually manipulating the stock market but more of like insider information. This is a random event in the game north of the highway.

You have to drop a hitchhiker at the airport. You will be paid by him and he will also advise you to invest in the stock of a company named Tinkel.

Now if you invest in Tinkle at this point and wait for some time the stock will usually give you a 30% return on your investment.


Make money on GTA 5 stock market by causing chaos

The idea behind this method is that every action of yours has an impact on the stock market in GTA 5.

What you can do is determine any vehicle of your liking or a plane of a particular manufacturer. When done just go on the rampage of destroying every single vehicle or shooting down any plane of that particular company that you get your eyes upon.

This will cause the stock price of that company to fall. Now invest in that company when the share prices are lowest.

Next go on the rampage again but this time your target is every other vehicles and plane expect the company you have invested in.

This will take some effort but eventually, you will be able to raise the stock price of the company you have invested because of the destruction you have caused to the other manufacturers.

Now, this method is somewhat debatable, but those who love action and want an excuse to cause havoc in Grand Theft Auto V, then they will love this method as it is also providing them the opportunity to make money out of this. So go on try this method too and who knows you may double or triple your investment on GTA 5 stock market.


Make Profit From Merryweather Investment

For this, you have to wait until the game ends. All the chaos and destruction you have caused will have a very damaging effect on Merryweather’s stock price and they will deflate when the game end, particularly so if you have chosen ‘The Third Way’.

You have the opportunity right there. Invest your money in Merryweather stocks and wait and watch as your investment gives a big return.


Make Money Through High-Frequency Stock Trading

This method is a little riskier but can give you a big return if you have a lot of money to invest. For this, it is recommended that you try this after completing all of Lester’s assassination missions.

Tips & Tricks For “High Frequency Stock Trading” :-

  • On the LCN market buy the stock at the cheapest price and save your game immediately. Stock prices refresh every 45 seconds so you have to save immediately.
  • Pretending to buy more check the price of the stock you have invested. If you stay on the purchase more stock page, the price will keep on refreshing for you constantly.
  • If the price goes up, save the game and repeat the above step once again. If the price goes down start your game from the initial save and try again.

This could be a little annoying but can really give you big returns as you have invested big amount into it.

Now stock prices are not going to skyrocket, but even a few cents increase can add up to huge profit as you have bought cheap and have a lot of money riding on it.


Earned enough amount? Here’s the list of best cars you should buy after making millions in GTA 5: Best Cars in GTA 5



Investing in GTA 5 stock market can give you huge returns if you know the tricks, have patience and invested in the right stocks at the right time.

After each assassination mission don’t rush, just wait till the things settled down and the market has rebounded completely before you sell out your stocks and cash the profits.

That’s all then from our How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market guide. Please give your valuable feedbacks and leave comments in the comments section. We really appreciate our reader’s participation.



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Top 10 Best And Fastest Cars In GTA 5 For Racing {2018 Updated}

Fastest cars in GTA 5 for different tracks and stunt race.

Whether you want to always stay ahead of your rivals in the GTA 5 races or you want the best performing vehicles and fastest cars in GTA 5 this post on Top 10 best and fastest cars in GTA 5 for racing is for you.

Here we have listed the top 10 cars in the supercar category which are most suitable for the track and winning races as well as in terms of overall performance.

Supercars with their high speeds, extremely high acceleration, and cornering abilities add the thrill and action in racing.

So dive in deep and pick for yourself the most suitable car, add it to your fleet of supercars and always stay ahead of your rivals in the race.

Best GTA 5 Online Cars


#1 Best cars in GTA 5 – Dewbauchee Vagner

“The Vagner is a message from the future: you’re late.”― (Rockstar Newswire description)

GTA 5 Cars - Dewbauchee VagnerVagner is all about speed and after the Smugglers Update it has become the most suited choice for a racing car in GTA 5.

It has all the features that make it one of the best racing cars in GTA 5. It got speed, powerful acceleration and great cornering abilities that easily place it on top of the list of best cars in GTA 5.

If you are going to purchase any car for racing in GTA 5 then Dewbauchee Vagner should be your first priority. It got the highest traction, better speed, great built and thus an overall great choice for racing.

Dewbauchee Vagner Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 161 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1000 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,535,000


#2 Best cars in GTA 5 – Annis RE-7B

Annis RE-7BThe Annis RE-7B was introduced after the Cunning Stunts Update and once boosted the top position in best cars in GTA 5.

It has not lost all its sheen and is still one of the fastest cars in GTA 5 universe.

The Annis RE- 7B comes in the category of endurance racing cars and features two doors and sleek design.

Being an endurance racing cars its overall a great choice for stunt races. It has above average top speed and powerful acceleration. Cornering is great at high speed but a little low when at the lower speed.

Overall it’s a great choice on racing circuits.

Annis RE-7B Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 161 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 880 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,485,000


#3 Best cars in GTA 5 – Pegassi Tempesta

Pegassi TempestaPegassi Tempesta is the supercar that is easiest to drive. If you are a novice driver and getting your feet wet for the first time in the racing arena of GTA 5, then go for Pegassi Tempesta.

It has easy control but very high performance.

Heavily influenced by the Lamborghini Huracan both in size and scale, The Pegassi Tempesta is a two-door supercar featured as a part of the Import/Export Update.

Performance wise Tempesta has an outstanding top speed and immense acceleration to match with and great cornering. Combines it with its easy controls to derive and it becomes the best choice for both novice as well as expert drivers in GTA 5

Pegassi Tempesta Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 159 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1422 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,392,000


#4 Best cars in GTA 5 – Zentorno

ZentornoZentorno once held the top spot for fastest cars in GTA 5 but with numerous updates and introduction of new cars it has since slipped from the first position but in no way lost its relevance and fan base. It is still one of the fastest and best cars in GTA 5.

Zentorno is a two-door car in hypercar category.  Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in resemblance the Zentorno is an aerodynamically designed exotic high-performance vehicle.

Though not on top spot the Zentorno can still rival any top cars in GTA 5 like RE – 7B or the Vagner. Top speed is quite good and it also has an excellent cornering speed. Its powerful engine accelerates it to quite a high speed in just a few seconds.

The only downside is that due to its high speed and immense acceleration, it becomes a little difficult for novice drivers to control it, so it requires some effort and practice before you can derive this beauty to its full potential.

Zentorno Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 157 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1500 kg
  • Purchase price: $725,000


#5 Best cars in GTA 5 – Emperor ETR1

Emperor ETR1Emperor ETR1 is another car that was introduced during the Cunning Stunts update in GTA 5.

Emperor ETR1 comes under the category of endurance cars and featured two doors with the design based on the Lexus LF LC Vision Gran Turismo.

It’s a balanced car overall and surpasses in performance many of its rival in the supercars category.

Due to the large spoiler, it has excellent traction and a large downward force which keeps it firm while accelerating and retain speed while cornering.

Emperor ETR1 Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 159 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1400 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,995,000


#6 Best cars in GTA 5 – Progen Tyrus

Progen TyrusAnother car from the Cunning Stunts updates Progen Tyrus belongs comes under the category of endurance car.

Progen Tyrus featured two doors and its design is clearly influenced by the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, Saleen S7R, and the Mosler MT900R.

Its powerful engine gives it a high top speed. The car has an extreme grip which makes it great for cornering. Tyrus performance is at par with any other car in the supercars category and is an excellent choice.

Progen Tyrus Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 161 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 915 kg
  • Purchase price: $2,550,000


#7 Best cars in GTA 5 – Ocelot XA-21

Ocelot XA-21Inspired by the Jaguar C-X75, Ocelot XA-21 comes under the category of hypercars and was introduced as the continuation of the gunrunning update.

Its traction and cornering capabilities are unmatched and surpass all the other supercars. Its high grip gives it extreme cornering capability which suits well for multiple corners.

The only downside is its top speed which is average in its category if the acceleration is not fully upgraded.

Ocelot XA-21 Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 159 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1450 kg
  • Purchase price: $2,375,000


#8 Best cars in GTA 5 – X80 Proto

X80 ProtoOne of the best-performing cars in GTA 5the X80 Proto was, in fact, the fastest car before the Progen Tyrus and held the position for about two months.

Its powerful engine gives it the highest top speed among all the supercars in the game.

Lightweight, exposed bodywork and all-wheel drive layout give it a good traction.

X80 Proto design is influenced by Ferrari F80 and also takes some design inspiration from Devel Sixteen. Due to its light weight and powerful engine the X80 Proto sometimes proves too much to handle and spin out. So you have to spend some time familiarizing with its controls.

X80 Proto Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 161 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 900 kg
  • Purchase price: $2,700,000


#9 Best cars in GTA 5 – Progen T20

Progen T20One of the best choice in supercars category the Progen T20 was introduced as the part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update.

The car seems to be almost identical to the Mclaren P1 car, although the headlamps and bumper resemble the Mclaren 12C.

The car engine is powerful with very good acceleration and top speed. The braking system is extremely efficient and the car’s AWD layout makes it gain the speed almost instantly after stopping.

Car’s control and handling are also quite good which mean easy ride and smooth transition from lane to lane. Overall it’s an excellent choice of supercar to own in GTA 5.

Progen T20 Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 158 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1395 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,320,000


#10 Best cars in GTA 5 – Pegassi Osiris

Pegassi OsirisAt the time of its introduction as a part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update the Pegassi Osiris topped the supercars category but was removed only after a month after the launch of above mentioned T 20.

What pushed it to the top position is its high top speed and smooth controls. Excellent traction along with its AWD and all-wheel derive makes it easy and smooth at turning and cornering and rarely requires drift for sharp turning.

Its design is heavily influenced by Pagani Huayra while the front resembles the LaFerrari.

Sleek design, excellent performance, and easy controls make it an excellent choice of supercar to race with.

Pegassi Osiris Key Features & Description

  • Top Speed (mph / kph): 158 mph
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD):  AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type):  6
  • Mass (Kg / lb): 1350 kg
  • Purchase price: $1,950,000



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High-speed supercars are the main attraction of GTA series and owning the best and fastest car in GTA 5 is a must if you want to be ahead of your rivals and level up your performance in the game. The choice to choose supercars in GTA 5 is not limited to ones mentioned in this article there are many more and you are free to choose anyone, but the ones listed here are the best that our team of gamers has found through their own experience of the GTA 5. Choose any one of them and be the champion of the tracks.

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1000+ Roblox Music codes and IDs for absolutely NO COST {2018 Updated}

Roblox Music codes: How to add them to Roblox games.

We have to admit it that Roblox is quite a phenomenon now and its popularity is increasing day by day. Whenever fans come across anything and everything related to Roblox their eyes shine.

One such thing is Roblox music codes and IDs.

Fans or anyone familiar with Roblox will know that Roblox music codes are one of the most sought-after items related to Roblox world.

In this guide, we are going to explain in details how to use and add Roblox music codes in your Roblox games.

Also exclusively for our readers, we are going to provide 500+ Roblox music codes and ids as a bonus ranging from popular and latest tracks to all-time classic hits. So read on!


A little intro of Roblox

Roblox is a massive multiplayer user-generated online gaming platform that lets you deploy and use your creativity to the fullest. Users are free to design and create games of their liking.

There are also more than 15 million Roblox games developed by other users that you can play or you can invite other players to play games created by you on Roblox platform.

Roblox is on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One. No matter what platform or device you are using Roblox is available for you.

Roblox Music Codes ID List 2018

What are the Roblox music codes?

If you have played any game you may know the importance of sounds in games. It is an important aspect of any game. So if you are developing Roblox games, adding sound effects and music will make it more interactive, engaging, immersive and dynamic.

Now Roblox platform makes available the entire exclusive components that you need to design and develop your game ranging from your characters to the buildings and what not, in the catalog. But it all comes with a price tag. You have to pay for them in Robux (Roblox game’s currency) through your account.

Music, songs, and sound effects are also available on the catalog and Roblox charges for them too if you use them in your games.

Each song has a specific Roblox music code or id that you can use to load it to your Roblox games.

Cost of adding music to your Roblox games is determined by the length of the track which is given below in the table:

Length Cost
0 – 10 seconds R$20
10 – 30 seconds R$35
30 seconds R$350
2 – 7 minutes R$350


For all those with hard-earned Robux or for those who have spent countless hours on the internet searching for Robux Hack or ways to earn free Robux, these prices can be something to think before loading any song or music track in their games.

Now, one can easily understand why fans are looking for free Roblox music codes. No one will want to spend their hard-earned Robux on developing a game whose success is not guaranteed.

That is why we are providing you with 1000+ free Roblox music codes. (Please look at the bottom of this page)

How to Load these Roblox Music codes into your Game?

You now have Roblox Music codes, but you have to add it in your game. It’s quite easy and we have explained it all in simple steps below.

Loading Roblox Music Codes

  • Select and copy any music code you like from the list of Roblox Music codes and IDs we have provided. It’s the number in front of the song.
  • Log in to your account and go to Roblox Studio. In the edit mode find any place.
  • When done open the Basic objects panel and double-click on Sound in the Workspace.
  • After this click on the sound Icon and open the properties
  • Enter “http://www.Roblox.com/asset/?id=” plus the Roblox Music ID that you want to add, just beside the Roblox Music ID.

For an example:

(http://www.Roblox.com/asset/?id= 488472970)

  • Now press StarterGui and double click on the Local Script.
  • Remove the words “print ‘Hello world!” and in place write the script: Workspace.Sound:Play()

Once done your Roblox music ID is successfully added and now you can use it at any part of your game to make it more immersive and fun.

Configuring Audio

You can further customize any music audio you have uploaded through configure page.

You can find the configure page by pressing the gear icon just to the right of uploaded files in the audio tab.

Following options are available in the configure page:

  • Name: It allows you to change the audio file’s name
  • Description: It shows the summary of the audio file
  • Turn comments on/off: you can choose whether or not this item is open for comments.
  • Genre: This classify your audio according to the genre to help people find it
  • Make Free: You can choose whether or not this item is freely available to all users. If this is not checked, the audio will only be able to be used by you


Free Roblox Music Codes and IDs List

(Use “FIND IN PAGE” option from Mobile or “ctrl+f” from PC to open find menu in order to find your favourite soundtrack from the list of 1000+ Music Codes For Roblox)

Free Roblox Music Codes and IDs List - Click here to open!
Songs IDs
Adele – Chasing Pavements 238523005
Adele – Daydreamer 231152600
Adele – He won’t go 506307076
Adele – Hello 313694441
Adele – Hello [Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin Remix] 337228938
Adele – Rolling in the deep 185164730
Adele – Send my love (to your new lover) 323234037
Adele – Set fire to the rain 154685013
Adele – Skyfall 224089723
Adele – Water under the bridge 323232703
Aero Chord – Boundless 252598287
Aero Chord – Chord splitter 216298923
Aero Chord – Surface 156279819
Aero Chord – Time leap 449170841
Aero Chord & Klaypex – Be free 368124477
Aerosmith – Amazing 362386596
Aerosmith – Angel 402271296
Aerosmith – Another last goodbye 152769779
Aerosmith – Bright light fright 424527317
Aerosmith – Crazy 371715892
Aerosmith – Dream on 196039739
Aerosmith – Love in elevator 279172335
Aerosmith – Rag doll 303704727
Aerosmith – Sweet emotion 847079173
Ariana Grande – Step On Up 417500483
Ariana Grande – Step On Up 531144905
Ariana Grande – Tattooed Heart 168468581
Ariana Grande – The Way 138083615
Ariana Grande – This One’s For You 650266540
Ariana Grande – Touch It 503737655
Ariana Grande – True Love 332664999
Ariana Grande – True Love 333375415
Avengers Assemble 285546588
Avici – Hey brother 142296617
Avici – Lonely together ft. Rita Ora 1122483774
Avici – Waiting for love 1105378416
Avici – Without you ft. Sandro Cavazza 1002810107
Avicii – Gonna love ya 305187405
Avicii – Hey brother 183833194
Avicii – Pure grinding 295074823
Avicii – Silhouettes 320994410
Avicii – The Nights 187316717
Avicii – Waiting for love 263686711
Avicii – Wake me up 585694253
Beyonce – Love on top 960099837
Beyonce – Sorry 406510231
Big Sean – Blessings feat Drake, Kanye West 224208200
Big Sean – Jump out the window 640965263
Big Sean – Sacrifices 641094916
Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are 216436358
Bruno Mars – Locked out of heaven 142311130
Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like 554132354
Bruno Mars – That’s what I like 685409826
Bruno Mars – That’s what I like 738742816
Bruno Mars – The lazy song 264310903
Bruno Mars – Treasure 134838047
Bruno Mars – Treasure 216923825
Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk 243766919
Camila Cabello – Real friends 1228686921
Camila Cabello – She loves control 1321319326
Camila Cabello – Something’s gotta give 1321788415
Camilla Cabello – Crying in the club 820775318
Camilla Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug 1071384374
Camilla Cabello – OMG ft. Quavo 1063625869
Can’t Touch This 131122314
Capital Cities – One more minute 171154571
Capital Cities – Safe and sound 142287329
Cardi B – Bodak yellow 934344156
Carly Rae Jepsen – Last Christmas 322880167
Demi Lovato – Cool for the summer 387799951
Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart a Break 143687094
Demi Lovato – Heart Attack 557149839
Demi Lovato – Kingdom Come ft. Iggy Azalea 306853463
Demi Lovato – Let it Go (Frozen) 142343490
Demi Lovato – Lionheart 307125614
Demi Lovato – Made in the USA 148029580
Demi Lovato – Neon Lights 144343419
Demi Lovato – Never Been Hurt 149481601
Demi Lovato – Nightingale 380306107
Demi Lovato – Really Don’t Care 161599458
Demi Lovato – Remember December 138200593
Demi Lovato – Skyscraper 147181386
Demi Lovato – Sorry not sorry 910717216
Demi Lovato – Stone Cold 304478388
Demi Lovato – Tell me you love me 1005148893
Ed Sheeran – Afire love 162067844
Ed Sheeran – All of the stars 162068141
Ed Sheeran – Bibia be ye ye 680484306
Ed Sheeran – Castle on the hill 609948497
Ed Sheeran – Don’t (Don Diablo Remix) 857120401
Ed Sheeran – Drunk 751487537
Ed Sheeran – Eraser 710662034
Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl 680612395
Ed Sheeran – Happier 687625361
Ed Sheeran – How would you feel (Paean) 660316578
Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix) 564355049
Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me 382560537
Ed Sheeran – Lego house 206772808
Ed Sheeran – Perfect 679434158
Ed Sheeran – Perfect Duet ft. Beyonce 1213505031
Ed Sheeran – Photograph 189936214
Ed Sheeran – Shape of you 604935443
Ed Sheeran – Shape of you ft. Nyla & Kranium [Major Lazer Remix] 674819982
Ed Sheeran – Supermarket flowers 719389606
Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud 163590440
Ed Sheeran – What do I know? 678594995
Fifth Harmony – Brave Honest Beautiful 258422033
Fifth Harmony – Down ft. Gucci Mane 847168613
Fifth Harmony – Going Nowhere 217736096
Fifth Harmony – Gonna Get Better 421361735
Fifth Harmony – He like that 1216070995
Fifth Harmony – I Lied 421406693
Fifth Harmony – I’m in Love with a Monster 284663850
Fifth Harmony – Like Mariah (feat. Tyga) 241943563
Fifth Harmony – Me And My Girls 159567544
Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On 144658116
Fifth Harmony – No Way 589318869
Fifth Harmony – One Wish 172147358
Fifth Harmony – Scared Of Happy 427509953
Fifth Harmony – Sledgehammer 188957431
Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl 427023562
Fifth Harmony – The Life 387257114
Fifth Harmony – Them Girls Be Like 177719224
Fifth Harmony – Top Down 217742264
Fifth Harmony – We Know 214090322
Fifth Harmony – Work from home ft. Ty Dolla $ign 374029727
Fifth Harmony – Worth It ft. Kid Ink 218740695
Green Day – Jaded 200059077
Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia 229070746
Green Day – King for a day 660058334
Green Day – Know Your Enemy 169517230
Green Day – Longview 180410169
Green Day – Macy’s day parade 186249367
Green Day – Minority 186022730
Green Day – Murder city 296398080
Green Day – Poprocks and Coke 204995736
Green Day – Pulling Teeth 197860199
Green Day – Redundant 184589496
Green Day – Revolution Radio 500192726
Green Day – She’s a Rebel 218304417
Green Day – St. Jimmy 186802500
Green day – Time of Your Life 206561965
Green Day – Troubled Times 707788779
Green Day – Warning 676468625
Green Day – Welcome to paradise 223005230
Hollywood Undead – Been to hell 252772110
Hollywood Undead – Day of the dead 183683427
Hollywood Undead – Dead bite 143669401
Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I go 184524584
Hollywood Undead – Hear me now 171175040
Hollywood Undead – Kill everyone 187648640
Hollywood Undead – Levitate 184524370
Hollywood Undead – Live forever 297734413
Hollywood Undead – No. 5 186533460
Hollywood Undead – Outside 303980905
Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight 178540553
House Of Pain – Jump Around 621475257
Hozier – Take Me To Church 208342479
Hyper Street Fighter II: Guile’s Theme 150492545
I Love Potatoes (Potato Song) 158764033
Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day 154699855
Icona pop – I love it 142290799
Iggy Azalea – Black widow [Remix] 185993000
Iggy Azalea – Black widow ft. Rita Ora 166878439
Iggy Azalea – Savior ft. Quavo 1404908925
IHeartMemphis – Hit the quan 274727125
IHeartMemphis – Lean and dabb 345588616
Illenium – It’s All On You 571468454
Imagine Dragons – Believer 636341860
Imagine Dragons – Demons 143654440
Imagine Dragons – It’s time 532134751
Imagine Dragons – Next to me 1450817729
Imagine Dragons – On top of the world 225114823
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive 511077154
Imagine Dragons – Smoke and mirrors 221349798
Imagine Dragons – Thunder 755156652
Imagine Dragons – Warriors 436419127
Imagine Dragons – Whatever it takes 785281656
Imagine Dragons HD – Tiptoe 142385932
Imany – Don’t be so shy (Filatov & Karas Remix) 497967491
Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek 142727619
Iron Maiden – The trooper 886111809
Isaiah Rashad – 4r da Squaw 506011530
ItaloBrothers – Generation party 457293943
ItaloBrothers – My life is a party 153295390
Itro & Tobu – Holiday 232763793
James Arthur – Can I be him 586159851
James Arthur – Impossible 299000187
James Arthur – Impossible [Crius Bootleg Remix] 296686470
James Arthur – Say you won’t let go 507284396
James Bay – Hold back the river 208858643
James Bay – Let it go 244668684
James Hype – More than friends ft. Kelli-Leigh 982447953
Jason Derulo – Breathing 155945663
Jason Derulo – Get ugly 237506465
Jason Derulo – If I’m lucky 1071322628
Jason Derulo – If it ain’t love 396384897
Jason Derulo – Kiss the sky 471897847
Justin Bieber – Christmas Eve 326355455
Justin Bieber – Despacito 758170348
Justin Bieber – I’ll show you 316552137
Justin Bieber – Love yourself 318928000
Justin Bieber – No Sense (Ft. Travis Scott) 319571538
Justin Bieber – One Dance 427404831
Justin Bieber – Sorry 313246210
Justin Bieber – What do you mean? 291168836
Justin Bieber & BloodPop – Friends 986301757
Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling! 410359025
Justin Timberlake – Filthy 1314791071
Kaleo – No good 717838563
Kaleo – Way down we go 409413956
Kanye West – Mercy ft. Big Sean & Pusha T & 2 Chainz 333659569
Kanye West – Stronger 143737549
Katy Perry – Birthday 152677298
Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos 756173958
Katy Perry – California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg 147402954
Katy Perry – Chained to the rhythm ft. Skip Marley 648525673
Katy Perry – Dark horse ft. Juicy J 143204341
Katy perry – Firework 221328638
Katy Perry – Hey hey hey 861150996
Katy Perry – Rise 457386226
Katy Perry – Roar 144648197
Katy Perry – Swish swish ft. Nicki Minaj 823350308
KDA – Turn the music louder (Rumble) ft. Tinie Tempah & Katy B 311465058
Ke$ha – Die Young 145902530
Ke$ha – Tik Tok 143686397
Ke$ha ft. One Direction – Live & Feeling Young 378518202
Kehlani – Gangsta 477366680
Kendrick Lamar – DNA. 741391659
Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT. 752406431
Kendrick Lamar – Humble. 718881410
Kendrick Lamar – LOVE 866335686
Kendrick Lamar – LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna 738681090
Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the stars 1299601197
Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize 143929751
Lindsey Stirling – Elements 156021116
Lindsey Stirling – First Light 662778044
Lindsey Stirling – Hold My Heart 551721785
Lindsey Stirling – Lost girls 626257146
Lindsey Stirling – Master of Tides 172526537
Lindsey Stirling – Master of Tides 945682825
Lindsey Stirling – Minimal Beat 186563451
Lindsey Stirling – Roundtable Rival 214125140
Lindsey Stirling – Shadows 185826753
Lindsey Stirling – Shatter me 223696691
Lindsey Stirling – Song of the Caged Bird 175929127
Lindsey Stirling – Spontaneous Me 190635970
Lindsey Stirling – Swag 172527123
Lindsey Stirling – Take Flight 272724307
Lindsey Stirling – The Arena 474771049
Lindsey Stirling – Time to Fall 1202674917
Lindsey Stirling – V-Pop 671895789
Linkin Park – Burn It Down 149736825
Linkin Park – Castle Of Glass 153710433
Linkin Park – Crawling 161097115
Linkin Park – Figure.09 304738196
Linkin Park – Forgotten 146082508
Linkin Park – Heavy ft. Kiiara 676611356
Linkin Park – In the end 151673488
Linkin Park – Invisible 985050509
Linkin Park – Iridescent 690023670
Linkin Park – Lost in the echo 151652878
Linkin Park – New divide 150470542
Linkin Park – New Divide 162226225
Linkin Park – Numb 179424099
Linkin Park – One more light 949211635
Linkin Park – Powerless 276250260
Linkin Park – Talking to myself 930241876
Little Big – Give Me Your Money 46039553
Major Lazer – All my love ft. Ariana Grande 186879180
Major Lazer – Be together ft. Wild Belle 262438084
Major Lazer – Boom ft. MOTi, Ty Dolla $ing, Wizkid & Kranium 339727779
Major Lazer – Cold water ft. Justin Bieber & MØ 511157811
Major Lazer – Know No Better 864811994
Major Lazer – Know no better ft. Travis Scott & Camilla Cabello 868996728
Major Lazer – Lean on ft. DJ snake 222658897
Major Lazer – Light it up [Remix] ft. Nyla & Fuse ODG 321462607
Nicki Minaj – Anaconda 174584892
Nicki Minaj – The Night Is Still Young 192004154
Nicki Minaj & Drake & Lil Wayne – No frauds 699366055
Nicki Minaj, Quality Control & Quavo – She for keeps 1250922753
Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias – Forgiveness 304345512
Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong 156850138
Night Lovell – Dark light 380265737
Night Lovell – Still cold/Pathway private 406159427
Nightcore – A Thousand Years 582471903
One Direction – Rock Me 263536750
One Direction – Save You Tonight 183953232
One Direction – Steal My Girl 180867496
One Direction – Stockholm Syndrome 189259719
One Direction – Story Of My Life 139446118
One Direction – Strong 389841920
One Direction – Summer Love 230952960
One Direction – Up All Night 182648091
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful 140596838
One Direction – You & I 155298468
Panic! At The Disco – Mercenary 686860479
Panic! At The Disco – New Perspective 225864277
Panic! At The Disco – Nicotine 234751018
Panic! At The Disco – Nine In The Afternoon 474366073
Panic! At The Disco – Northern Downpour 403030663
Panic! at the disco – Ready To Go 138140189
Panic! At The Disco – Ready to go (Get me out of my mind) 400498838
Panic! At The Disco – That Green Gentleman 319094521
Panic! At The Disco – The calendar 463982552
Panic! At The Disco – This is Gospel 144707702
Panic! At The Disco – Time To Dance 319395365
Panic! At The Disco – Trade mistakes 359412532
Panic! at the Disco – Vegas Lights 227089261
Panic! At The Disco – Victorious 363211501
Panic! At The Disco- Girls Girls Boys 145151059
Panic! At The Disco- Miss Jackson 659079181
Paramore – Hard times 745040903
Paramore – Rose-colored boy 811375167
Parov Stelar – The Sun ft. Graham Candy [Klingande Remix] 576025138
Parry Gripp – Disco fries 866107908
Parry Gripp – Pancake robot 498463804
Parry Gripp – Raining tacos 142295308
Parry Gripp & BooneBum – It’s raining tacos 251738363
PARTYNEXTDOOR – No Feelings ft. Travis Scott 329307105
PARTYNEXTDOOR – Not nice 463440146
Passenger – Caravan (Kygo Remix) 276540078
Passenger – Let Her Go 579643879
Pitbull – Feel this moment ft. Christina Aguilera 147878509
Pitbull – Fireball 178241679
Pitbull – Fun ft. Chris Brown 251448866
Pitbull – Give me everything ft. Ne-Yo & Afrojack & Nayer 145559291
Pitbull – Greenlight ft. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis 484919328
Pitbull – Hotel Room Service 169294304
Queen – Crazy little thing called love 163040671
Queen – God Save The Queen 409458250
Queen – Killer Queen 142716851
Queen – Radio GaGa 147242289
Queen – Somebody To Love 147021029
Queen – The Show Must Go On 200966649
Queen – Under Pressure 159268000
Queen – We Are the Champions 564979623
Queen – We will rock you 148764906
Queens Of The Stone Age – Go with the flow 192393890
Queens Of The Stone Age – No one knows 234048528
Quiet Riot – Come On Feel The Noize 306717185
Quintino – Devotion 287316751
R City – Locked Away ft. Adam Levine 274427825
R City – Make Up ft. Chloe Angelides 359962675
R.E.M. – Everybody hurts 286567045
Rihanna – Consideration ft. SZA 361706407
Rihanna – Diamonds 142533681
Rihanna – Four five seconds 215374525
Rihanna – Kiss It Better 399003162
Rihanna – Love On The Brain 361710091
Rihanna – We found love ft. Calvin Harris 184504637
Rihanna – Where have you been 231842736
Rihanna – Work ft. Drake 395794636
Scorpions – Wind of change 188884423
Sean Paul – No lie ft. Dua Lipa 561636797
Sean Paul & David Guetta – Mad love ft. Becky G 1435512527
Sebastian Ingrosso – Dark River 397001541
Seeb – Breathe ft. Neeu 405002587
Seinabo Sey – Younger (Kygo Remix) 168979856
Selena Gomez – Bad liar 817367542
Selena Gomez – Fetish ft. Gucci Mane 913949060
Selena Gomez – Hands to myself 341597259
Selena Gomez – Kill em with kindness 449339498
Selena Gomez – Only you 729845512
Selena Gomez – Same Old Love 295414057
Selena Gomez & Marshmello – Wolves 1130979532
SEREBRO – Mi Mi Mi 258987972
Shakira – Chantaje ft. Maluma [SPANISH] 538963680
Shakira – Me Enamoré 735028190
Shakira – Waka Waka (This time for Africa) 186418086
Shane Dawson – SuperLuv 207192546
Shania Twain – That don’t impress me much 209494239
Taylor Swift – …Ready for it? 1024425658
Taylor Swift – Bad blood ft. Kendrick Lamar 259692030
Taylor Swift – Blank Space 186074173
Taylor Swift – Delicate 1178781423
Taylor Swift – End game ft. Ed Sheeran & Future 1165712921
Taylor Swift – Gorgeous 1118106015
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble 130794482
Taylor Swift – Last Christmas 324791063
Taylor Swift – Look what you made me do 1002106497
Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound 142892149
Taylor Swift – Shake it off 173374982
Taylor Swift – Welcome To New York 234943081
Taylor Swift – Wildest dreams 235653436
Taylor Swift & Zayn – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever 569478652
Wiz Khalifa – Celebrate ft. Rico Love 519628697
Wiz Khalifa – Go hard or go home ft. Iggy Azalea 268409384
Wiz khalifa – I roll up 155139497
Wiz Khalifa – King of everything 314874890
Wiz khalifa – See you again ft. Charlie Puth 235855135
Zara Larsson – Cash Me Out 317664957
Zara Larsson – Don’t Let Me Be Yours 796091157
Zara Larsson – I would like 567875432
Zara Larsson – Lush life 305456057
Zara Larsson – Rooftop 254809743
Zara Larsson – She’s not me 282837097
Zara Larsson – So good ft. Ty Dolla $ign 630639173
Zara Larsson – Uncover 265008572



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