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12 Proven Hack To Get Free Musically Followers More Faster in 2018

If you were searching for how to get free musically followers then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to provide completely legit and proven ways to get more free musically followers organically.

Musically is becoming a rage and its popularity among teens is increasing day and night.

It’s already being called the junior YouTube or the YouTube of teenagers, also the next big social network.

The platform already has a user base of a hundred million and more are signing up every day. Its popularity is such that just after two years of its launching has the ability to make someone a celebrity in no time.

get free musically followers

What exactly is musically ?

musically is a video-based social app by TikTok that is a new internet phenomenon and teenagers are going crazy over it.

musically allow it’s user to create and share lip synced videos. These videos are usually 10 seconds to 1 minute long. Other user then can see like and comment on these uploaded videos and if they like the video they can become the musically follower of that particular profile. musically also utilise popular features of other social network platform like hashtags.

Besides this provides a perfect platform for people who want to showcase their creativity and talent through videos.

People are finding more innovative and attractive ways to shoot videos with engaging and entertaining content.

This reflects in popularity. The app already boast a user base of over 200 million users across the world.


How to get free musically followers?

Growing your followers is a task that require time and effort. But there are certain tricks and musically follower hacks that can speed up the process.

In this guide we are proving all the genuine and proven ways to get free musically followers. We recommend that you read this guide to the end. By implementing these methods you will not only be able to gain a large number of free musically followers but it will also helps you become a better muser. Your videos will be of high quality and you will be able to take your musically profile to a level where you can become famous and enjoy stardom. Let’s dive in!


#1 Profile should be attractive and engaging

That can be a general advice for all of your social media accounts. But it’s very important to remember. Your profile is the first thing yours would be followers are going to notice first.

Don’t rush this part and fill whatever thing came to your mind.

These are the details that are going to represent you, so think carefully before filling up the profile page.

Start with picking a nice and easy username that truly reflects your style. If possible make sure you have the same username across all your social media accounts. This way it will be easy for your fans to find you across different channels.

Highlight yourself as innovative, entertaining and creative. Make it clear about what type of videos you intend to share.

An attractive and engaging profile will bring more musically followers.


#2 carefully plan before posting the videos gives you the freedom to just shoot and upload the videos on the go. It’s good for the fun purpose, but if you are serious about your musically profile and want to be famous then you should plan your videos before posting or even before shooting.

If people know what to expect from you then it’s more likely that they will become your followers.

Post videos in fix pattern, like three per week or whatever timeline suits you. This will keep your fans interested. And once you are established, your fan will start visiting your profile expecting more new content.


#3 Follow Best Practices while uploading the   videos

Follow the best practice while uploading the videos. Understand all the features musically offers.

Vertically oriented videos are more famous and loved by fans. So it makes quite a sense that you should follow the same practice.

Shoot videos in the vertical orientation with the aspect ratio of 1080×1920.

Video description is also a very important part that you must not ignore. Write a captivating and engaging description. This will help people to get what your videos are all about.

Similarly, a good thumbnail picture for your video will draw more people toward your profile. So make sure that you have an attractive thumbnail image for each of your videos.

In what category you are posting your videos is also very important. So make sure you are uploading your videos in the right category.

A truly optimized video in the right category can do wonders and bring you, loyal free musically followers.


#4 your videos should revolve around your main creative focus

The popularity of is increasing day by day. Hundreds of new users join every day and upload low quality out of the sink videos.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you should develop a unique style and post something original and unique to you.

Pick something that you love and comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be music only. A lot of successful musers post videos around different creative like comedy, makeup, and reviews.

Begin with deciding your creative focus and then shoot and upload videos revolving around that creative.

This way, people will understand what you specialize in. This will bring followers with the same interests. You need to give your fans a reason to want to watch your videos and to keep on returning to your profile again and again for more.


#5 Show consistency in your videos

Once you have selected a particular theme for your videos, your audience will come to your profile searching for the same kind of videos.

So it is very important for you to ensure that you post videos focusing the same pattern consistently.

Each video of yours should reflect your style and should come in your voice.

To increase consistency you may also include regular features in all of your videos like intro and conclusions.

Set the timing and days about when you will post your videos and stick to it consistently.

Your followers will be waiting for your new videos every week. This keeps the interest and also brings new musically followers.


#6 Shoot videos without holding your phone

Shooting videos while holding your phone restrict your movement. What if you want to entertain your audience through your killer moves? has a solution for this. Just after pressing the shoot first button, a page will open where you can record your videos.

On this page, you can click the button on the right side of index number five just next to the power button. This will allow you to shoot all your videos without holding the phone.

Now your videos will look more professional, and you will be free to showcase your crazy movements and killer moves.


#7 Edit your videos to give them a professional look

Crisp and professional looking video stand apart at once. People love such high-quality videos.

Careful editing, adding different effect and removing unnecessary parts from the videos will make them more engaging and entertaining.


#8 Engage With Your Audience

If you intend to become famous on the musically platform and want to have a large and loyal fan following, then you should never miss an opportunity to engage your audience.

Know what type of people follows you. If they have a profile, follow them back. Like and comment of their videos.

Try to reach out to each and every fan of yours. This way fans connect with you. Not only you will have a loyal fan base this way but also you will be able to increase your musically  followers organically.


#9 Go live to have more interaction with your audience

Going live with the feature of is an excellent way to have more interaction with your audience and fan base.

This way you can showcase your personality more freely to your followers.

Chat with your fans, have Q and A session. This will give you feedback about your videos and what kind of content your audience expects from you.

Performing live is another great way you can increase your musically followers. Some of the most popular musers have amassed huge fan following this way.


#10 Produce videos in collaboration with other creators

Sure you can create and upload videos according to your interest and niche, but sometimes collaborating with other creators who covers and produce videos around similar topics and having a similar fan base as you can give a huge boost to your profile.

Your followers will love to see you performing with other creators they follow.

Musically makes it easy to do so with its excellent duet feature.


#11 Encourage Your Viewers to Watch More of Your Videos and Live Performances

This is another tactic that will help you increase your followers.

Announce your upcoming videos. Give them some glimpse of your upcoming videos. Actively ask your fans to watch and like your videos.

If you are going live announce is before and encourage your viewers to interact with you. To ask questions or anything related to your videos.

Promote your videos on other social media channel as well as this will not only diversify your audience but in return, can bring you more free musically followers.


#12 Work on Your Production abilities

You must produce high-quality videos if you want your profile to stand apart.

Invest your time in learning about filmmaking and how to shoot high-quality videos.

The quality will reflect in your work and also the effort will resonate with your audience. They will know that you take your work very seriously.

Plan your videos, chose location accordingly. You should understand the importance of picking a better location for your videos.

These entire things will result in very high-quality videos that are loved by your audience.


Musically Stars & Experts Methods

Some expert advice from musically’s biggest starts to increase your fan following and gain new followers

Your content is what going to draw more people to your musically profile. More people to your profile mean more chances of them converting to your followers. All the below mentioned points will help you achieve this.

  • No one is perfect. Some of the biggest stars jumped to the platform as noobs. They learned their way through hard work and consistent performance, so don’t be intimidated by the learning curve says Dani a 16-year-old star.
  • Using props in the videos and acting on them can really make the difference according to Baby Ariel another star from musically . The audience loves the props in videos. It really resonates with them.
  • Move out of your bedroom. It might not be the best location to shoot your videos. Surrounding has a great effect on your videos so choose the location wisely.
  • Do viral challenges. Use trending hashtags. It increases your visibility and betters your chances of getting discovered by your audience
  • Never post your first attempt. There is always room for improvements. Ensure that your videos are of the highest quality.
  • Posting videos at the right time can make a huge difference. Try to post videos from 11 am to 5 pm. It has been noticed that this is the time when users are most active on You will likely get more engagement on your videos if you post them during the peak hours.
  • Showcase your originality and creativity. Nothing resonates with your fan more than your originality and your unique style. So make sure that your content is original and suits your personality.
  • Some time spontaneity can make your fans go crazy. Videos shot on the go have risen to fame very quickly sometimes. This also adds the element of surprise. The fan loves it.


Final words

These are the best ways you can get hundreds and thousands of free musically followers organically.

While these methods certainly work but these are not instant scheme like those musically  followers generator websites, which are mostly fake.

All the methods mention in this guide will take some time but will keep on bringing you free followers in the long run.

Besides this, they will also make you professional musers and you can enjoy a celebrity like status.

What more you can make a living out it and can make some serious money.

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Proven Hack To Generate Free iTunes Gift Card Codes {2018 Updated}

Learn the best & extremely easy ways to get free iTunes Gift Card in 2018

To all those distressed apple users who have spent countless hours on the internet searching for free iTunes Gift Card, we here in this guide are providing totally Legit and easy ways to get free iTunes Gift Card.

Now if we tell you that it’s super easy to get a $50 iTunes Gift Card it will be a complete lie, same as many websites on the internet claims so.

You may also have landed on some of these websites too who claims to provide you instant free gift cards, but in the end, you have found that they were a total waste of your time.

But it’s not impossible to get free iTunes Gift Card, neither it’s too hard; in fact, there are multiple totally legit ways to earn them. Just follow our guide and you will have your iTunes Gift Card code in time.

free itunes gift card hack 2018

All it requires is some of your time and a little patience as you may know that nothing is free. You get one thing in exchange for other. Don’t worry though in this case you only have to do some fairly simple and easy tasks.

What are iTunes Gift Cards and how to can use them?

Many online portals provide gift cards that have a certain value in terms of money i.e., Google Play Store Gift Card. These gift cards can be used for purchasing any products and services from their respective websites.


 5 Simplest Apple iTunes Gift Card Hacks

Apple also provide iTunes Gift Cards. You can use these gift cards to purchase a variety of stuff. You can also present these gift cards to your friends and family

All these gift cards have a fixed value like $25 or $100. They can be used to buy paid apps, games or music subscription from iTunes.

Without further ado let’s familiarize you with all the legit ways to earn free iTunes Gift Card.

Method #1: Signing up for Rewards program online and earn iTunes Gift Card

Rewards programs are the most surefire way to earn free iTunes credits.

If you are really serious about getting iTunes gift card you should definitely go for reward programs, as the possibility of getting a gift card is not on chance or luck but the effort you put.

Register for these reward program

reward programAll you have to do is register with your email on the online portals of these reward programs.

Sometimes you can get iTunes Gift Card for just registering, other times you get bonus points for signing up.

Make sure they are not asking for any kind of money or your credit card information.

Also, do not provide any other personal details that might compromise your online privacy or risk you in online theft.

List of websites that runs the rewards program

There are plenty of websites out on the internet but below we have provided the list of most trusted websites in this category:

  • MyPoints
  • SwagBucks
  • QuickRewards
  • PrizeRebel (Alternative to SwagBucks)
  • PointsPrizes

How will you earn your iTunes Gift Card?

All these websites work on the reward point model. It means they reward you with points for doing some small easy task for them. These tasks could be anything as simple as watching videos online, surfing the net, completing surveys, playing games.

Subscribers are also presented with an opportunity to sign up with the website for sponsor goods, products, and services. It totally up to you though and it’s also not necessary or lower your chances of earning a free iTunes Gift Cards in future.

The points you earn can be redeemed for iTunes Gift Card codes. But gift cards are not limited to iTunes only; you can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards, steam wallet codes and PayPal balance too.

The process is totally legal and completely free. You just have to invest some of your time.

Most of these programs also have apps available; you can download them on your phone and earn points even on the go.

How do these companies afford to give out free gift cards?

All these companies partnered with third-party sponsor firms who put their promotional material and ads on these websites.

Market research companies provide surveys to get market insight which users complete in exchange for rewards.

This is also possible that the free gifts cards are from the retailers who are providing the surveys and special purchase offer

These programs also send promotional and marketing email regularly to their subscribers about various third-party products, software, games etc, that how these companies afford to give out the free gift card.

Word of caution

Never provide your regular or personal email while signing up for these reward programs. Your inbox will be filled with marketing, promotional and junk mails.

Instead of that, it is recommended that you create a separate new email specifically for purpose of registering on these platforms.

Quick thoughts

Don’t expect to get iTunes Gift Cards in huge amount. The payout is usually low ranging from $5 or $10 worth of iTunes Gift Cards that you can earn from these platforms.

But the tasks are simple and don’t take much of your time. Also, you can do them on the go or whenever you are free.


Method #2: Utilizing Social Media to get iTunes codes

Many companies that provide gift cards have their official accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Following these companies gives you a reliable chance of getting free gift cards.

social mediaMost of these companies organize giveaways at regular interval to their most loyal followers.

Apart from that they also organize competition such as liking or retweeting their posts. You can be awarded a free iTunes Gift Card.

Second best bet for you to earn iTunes credits on social media is to follow deals hunters on Facebook and Twitter.

These can be individual or a group of people in closed groups who search and track down all the ongoing deals and provide them to their followers through their social media accounts.

These deals can very well be an iTunes Gift Card. Just search for them on Facebook or Twitter, you can use various keywords to starts with, such as deals, deals hunter and start following them or join their group.


Method #3: Sign Up to get iTunes Gift Card

This is another excellent way to earn for you, free iTunes Gift Card codes.

What you have to do is, search for companies or websites that want to increase their subscriber base, or to sign up for their newsletter or to promote their products and in return are offering free iTunes Gift Card.

There are plenty of them on the internet.

However, you have to be cautious as the internet is full of scammers too. Here are some precautions that you must adhere to in order to be safe from any scams:

  • This is needless to say but signup only on popular and legit websites. Look for their reviews on the internet.
  • Read carefully what they are asking in return for a gift card.
  • Look for whether or not they are asking for money. If the answer is yes they are not genuine and you should stay away from them.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not provide any personal information such as your location, address, credit card details, bank information, account number or any other information that can be used against you for internet fraud, data theft or spamming.


Method #4: Signing Up for a Mobile Rewards Program

Mobile Rewards Programs run the same way as the above mentioned online reward programs. The only difference is that they are totally app based.

Some popular apps in this category are:

  • MobileRewards
  • e-Rewards Mobile
  • JunoWallet

You have to download and install the mobile reward apps on your phone and complete the offers provided by them.

You earn points in returns which you can redeem for various gift cards.

Most of these mobile reward programs will give you tasks like downloading third-party apps and games on your mobile for testing purpose.

Occasionally they will also give surveys to complete.


Method #5: Register on for iTunes Gift Cards

If you are good at writing then you have a good chance of earning free gift cards through

The website lets it users earn points by writing quality articles on subjects and topic of their liking, uploading pictures and videos and even for commenting on the articles of other members on their websites.

You just have to create an account on

There are various groups based on gather which you can join to discuss topics and subjects other people are posting or interested in.

Topics and subject for the articles, picture, and videos totally depend on the choice of the author. You just have to make sure it’s interesting to read.

After posting the article, the more people that read it, the more reward points you will earn.

As you see that points depend on how many people actually read your article, make sure your article is interesting, have a catchy headline and is on the subject that most people are interested in.

You then can redeem the points for gift cards once you have crossed the threshold amount.

The option of direct payment to PayPal is also available. You can use this balance to purchase iTunes Gift Card.

The only downside is writing a quality article take an unusual amount of time.

And if you are particularly good at writing then more lucrative options are also available where you can earn actual money and in a respectable amount, such as freelancing or writing for blogs.


How to redeem iTunes Gift Cards?

You have done the hard work and it had paid off in the form of iTunes Gift Card code. The only thing remaining is to redeem them.

That’s very simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to any of the apple store (App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store)

Step 2: Just go to the bottom of the page where you have the redeem option.

Step 3: Enter the unique iTunes Gift Card code that you have received in your mail if you have earned the gift card following our guide.

Step 4: Once the code gets verified the balance will be added to your wallet.

You can now spend this balance on whatever paid apps, games or music you wanted to have on your iPhone.



Your little effort can easily get you the iTunes Gift Card. You only have to find legit websites who offers iTunes code for your efforts. Luckily for you, we have mentioned them all in this article.

Don’t fall prey to the websites offering free iTunes Gift Card codes instantly. These websites are generally fake, and you may most probably end up being scammed.

Give your feedback on how much amount in iTunes credits you have made through our guide. We love to hear from our users.


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Learn How To Get Free Instagram Followers More Faster Than Ever – 2018 Hacks

People are always on the search for ways to get more Instagram followers as they want to increase their fan following, to get maximum reach or to get maximum likes to their posts.

Increase numbers of Instagram followers can also be turned into potential free organic traffic to your website and present you many opportunities to make money. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and posting a good picture is just not enough.

Lucky for you we here in this article are offering Instagram followers hack and trick to get more Instagram followers faster.

Before we proceed we have some advice for you. Just stay away from all those free Instagram followers hack generator websites.

how to get free instagram followers online

Nothing is free in this world! All these generator websites fools users to scam them and make money. Now if you want genuine ways to get Instagram followers then read this guide till the end.


Tips and tricks to maximize your Instagram followers

Here we have listed all the tweaks and tricks that you can apply to your Instagram profile that will potentially increase your chances of getting more Instagram followers.


  1. Automate your Instagram account

Maintaining an Instagram account can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and efforts to be relevant and popular on Instagram.

You have to regularly post content, like others posts and leave comments on others profile.

There are various automation tools available in the market that significantly reduces the load on you of maintaining the account.

You can customize the automation tools according to your need and they will do the job of posting, liking and commenting and following for you.


  1. To get maximum exposure on your posts use hashtags extensively

Hashtags are the main element in the Instagram search function and to discover content. It’s like a string connecting people with similar interests.

It’s very difficult for anyone to find you on Instagram if you are not using the hashtags unless they personally know your username.

Your post reaches to every person connected with that hashtag. Research has shown that post with hashtags get way more interaction, likes and follow then post with no hashtags.

You can attach 30 hashtags to a single post and it’s more than enough the achieve what you are hoping for.

Make sure that you attach relevant hashtags according to your posts or it may be ignored or worse reported as spam.

  1. Make your profile attractive and with complete information

The first thing any person notice on Instagram is your profile your profile pic, your bio and your name.

Make sure your bio is complete and properly explain everything about you or your business, you must have a good profile picture which scales down well, so that anyone visiting your profile has a good first impression.

This greatly increases your chance of them following you.


  1. Post content regularly and relevant to what your profile is all about

To enhance your visibility on Instagram you must be active. Accounts that post less frequently are often forgotten or overlooked.

Regular posts with attractive content draw users to the profile and they are more likely end up becoming your Instagram follower.


  1. Develop style unique to you

This point is very important. Instagram is all about visual content. If your content is not stimulating visually you have very little chance of getting any followers.

You must adopt a unique style that truly represents you or your brand and conveys that message through your content.

Be clear, aesthetic and precise and of course visually enhancing.

Your style is what resonates with people and draw them towards you.

Your zeal and individual flair are what people are going to love and remember.


  1. Post-high-quality content

Don’t commit the mistake of posting anything and everything that you have on your camera roll, disregarding the quality.

Users are not going to like blurry and faded snapshots. Not when Instagram is full of carefully composed, visually enhancing and gorgeous photography.

Set standards for quality. Be very selective and choosy about what you are posting on your profile.

All the effort that goes in this will result in more Instagram followers and hence more popularity.


  1. Show consistency on your profile

Posting consistently and often with one post linked to another will definitely make your followers wanting for more.

People love to know what’s coming next. Tell stories through your posts. Ensure recurring theme in your posts

Make each post follow the next. Similar tone across your profile that viewer can associate with your brand is definitely a plus point and will ensure more followers.


  1. Share your post on other social media platforms

Sharing your Instagram post to other social media account can be a good strategy to increase your Instagram followers.

Instagram has the option to share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms.

Sharing your post on other platforms will give your post more exposure and reach.

This Instagram follower hack will surely bring you more Instagram followers.

Also, your friends who may not be following you can become your follower after seeing your post.


Methods to get instant free Instagram followers

Whenever the word ‘instant’ come up our interest peaks because no one likes to wait.

While all the above-mentioned methods will definitely bring you more free Instagram followers, it will take some time.

So here we have listed some cool Instagram follower hack and tricks to get free Instagram followers instantly.

Some Social Media Like Exchange websites do exist which can let to achieve this.

These websites exchange Likes for Likes. You just have to log in with your social media account and start liking and following and sharing other’s posts.

You will earn points for this. You can spend these points for followers.

Let’s have a look at some of these websites


Method #1 – By Using

Hublaagram is one of the best tools to get free Instagram followers. Its working is little different from other Social Media Like exchange websites as it uses bots to automate the process to get likes and followers for you.

To use Hublaagramyou have to give its bot the permission to like the post, comment, and publish on your behalf.

Follow the steps below:

  • Make an account and log in to the website.
  • Allow permission when asked.
  • Give access Token.
  • Wait for some time and you will start getting notifications of new Instagram followers.

Make sure to keep things natural looking, Google doesn’t like automation tools. It poses the risk of your account getting banned.


Method #2 – By Using

Like4like is the most popular Social Media Like Exchange website.

The platform offers like exchange for every major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and many more.

What you have to do is register on the website with your social media profile to earn points. After that add your Instagram username and start to like and follow others’ posts using the platform.

Once done the website will reward you with points. These points can then be used to get Instagram followers.

That’s all. An easy way to get genuine followers within minutes.

Like4like also have weekly bonus and rewards and they returned points is you don’t get followers. As with all it also has some downside too. It takes time to earn points. So you should have patience. The algorithm is not perfect and doesn’t work sometimes.

Also, you should be careful while using the platform as too much usage may result in your account temporarily blocked.


Method #3 – By Using

FollowLike is another great website to get free Instagram followers across the world.

FollowLike is available for more than 200 countries. The mechanism is the same as the other websites in this category.

You earn points for like exchange.

Almost all the social media platforms are covered by this websites.

The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Soundcloud exchange, Stumbleupon, Diggo, Linkedin, Vimeo, Tumblr, Delicious, and YouTube.


Some Instagram follower hack and tricks you should try

  • Create a solid Instagram strategy; define your goals, target audience, brand and story.
  • Content is king. So make sure you have quality, engaging and entertaining content for your target audience and Instagram followers.
  • Use hashtags extensively. They will give you exposure, reach, and broaden your audience and more new followers.
  • Use analytics tools to know whether your strategy is working for the goals you have set. If not, then adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Follow like and comment on posts of other users that are relevant to your profile. If they like your profile, they may follow you back as you will both have a similar interest.
  • Write engaging captions. Include eye catchy and engaging words and emojis for better interactions.
  • To make your post more discoverable for your local audience, include your location in your post.
  • Host contest and giveaways. There is a certain lure in these types of things. People are always interested in free things. Put some condition for entering in the contest, such as liking your post or following you.
  • Use Instagram stories if you have not used it till now. It makes your post available for all users that are not in your follow list, not just your followers. This increases your chance of getting random followers.
  • Post images during peak hours between 2 pm to 5pm. It has been noticed that content posted during peak hours get more engagement. More engagement means more Instagram followers.

What benefits will you get a large Instagram following?

  • All you’re unique and quality posts will be an instant hit. Likes and comments will follow.
  • More followers mean more publicity for your brand, your business or whatever you are promoting.
  • You can become the Instagram influencer. This presents you with multiple possibilities of monetary gain through your profile.

What else you can gain. You will be popular, can enjoy celebrity status, at least in the virtual world and you can earn some serious money too.


Final words

These are all the genuine methods to get hundreds of more Instagram followers.

If you will follow this guide completely you will have no trouble of getting new followers.

The only thing you should have to do is stay away from all the websites with generator tools, as they are not genuine and will give you nothing, or more they will scam you. So instead of getting Instagram followers, you will end up losing money.

Please give your valuable feedback in the comment section or tell us about any issue you are facing. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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15 Proven Hacks To Get Free Google Play Gift Card in 2018

There is no doubt that the Google Play store is the biggest online platform to download android apps.

There are millions of apps available and hundreds are added each day, much more than the Apple’s app store.

But not all apps are free and the ones that are free have just the basic feature unlocked.

Here in this guide, we are detailing how to get free Google Play codes and get any paid apps.

No one wants to pay for the apps or more so they can’t afford to buy some apps. This poses the problem.

That’s why we have this detailed guide on getting Free Google Play Gift Card, which you can then spend on buying on your favorite apps and avoid the charges.

Google Play Gift Card Code 2018


A brief overview of the Google Play store

Google Play store is an amalgam of three different stores: the Google Music, Google Book Store, and the Android market respectively. Google made the Android live in 2008 and it was publicly available to the user from October of the same year.

The Google Bookstore was launched in 2010 featuring over 3 millions digital e-books.

In the year 2011 Google introduces the content filtering to the Android Market. Specification pages of each app started showing the promotion material. Size of the apps allowed also increased from 25 MB to 50 MB and strict security measures were applied to ensure maximum security levels.


What Are Google Play Gift Card Codes & How They Work?

Google Play Gift card is no different from the real money and in fact, they have fixed value in terms of money like $10, $15 etc. You can use them on the Google Play store to purchase that are available there including books, music, movies, and apps.

Sufficient Google Play credits can let you buy an app or to unlock the premium version of the free apps.

You can also gift these Google Play gift card to your friends and family.

They don’t have an expire date unlike other gift cards and you can save them up to any time when you are ready to purchase your favorite apps or game. You can easily buy these gift cards online or you can just follow our guide and get free Google Play gift card.

Hacks To Get Free Google Play Gift Card

We understand that the developers should get the fair share of their efforts that they have put in developing the apps, but the truth is no one really like to pay for the apps or to unlock the complete version of them.

How about getting free Google Play Gift card? Yes, you read it right.

You can earn them by winning rewards, bonus or credits in exchange for completing some simple and easy task. Just read on!



#1 Swagbucks

Whenever there’s talk of earning rewards and points online, Swagbucks is what that comes to mind first.

It would be an understatement that Swagbucks is ruling the GPT or Get Paid to arena.

Swagbucks offers a number of ways to earn free Google Play gift card codes.

This immensely popular website lets you earn swags or points for completing tasks like surveys, playing games or watching videos. You can even earn swags for surfing the internet.

These tasks won’t take much of your time and when you have enough point you can redeem them for Google Play gift cards.

You can easily redeem a $50 Google Play gift card for 5000 points or swags.


#2 FeaturePoints

FeaturePoint lets you earn the point for downloading apps and using them for testing purpose.

The points you earn can then be exchanged for Google Play codes or to get other paid apps and online gift cards.

Apps that you download range from games to music, books or messenger apps. FeaturePoint lets you earn points for watching videos also.

Currently, it offers $ 10 and $ 15 Google Play gift card in exchange for points.

You can speed up the process of earning points by referring FeaturePoints to your friends. This way you will get 50 % of whatever points your friends earn.


#3 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion RewardYou only have to register for Google Opinion Rewards and complete all the surveys that are sent to you by the Survey team of Google.

A number of surveys that you will receive totally depends on how many surveys are available to fill in the week. You may get several surveys or you may get only one survey per accordingly.

The best thing is you are instantly credited for each survey that you complete. So you have a chance of earning up to $1 for each completed survey.

Nature and subject of these surveys vary widely, that is why these surveys are somewhat different than surveys by other websites.

Google design these surveys in partnership with many third-party companies, so you may be asked to give your opinion on the various subjects like a particular politician or even your favorite brand of household items.

There’s also available the Google Opinion Rewards app on both Android and iOS platform. You can install it on your phone and complete the surveys whenever you are free.


#4 Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another great service to earn points for downloading free apps, watching videos, playing games. These points then can be redeemed for Google Play gift card.

Tap Cash Rewards also gives you point each time you log in to Tap Cash Rewards account. There is also a VIP status which you can get for linking your Facebook account the app.

Tap Cash Rewards is totally mobile based and is for Android device only. You can install it on your phone and earn free Google Play codes even on the go.

It also has a referral system. You can get 100 points as a bonus each time anyone signs up for the account through your referral.

The best part is the apps give you point every time you log in regardless of whether you have completed any task or not, but it will require some effort to get a Google Play gift card of even $10 as Tap Cash Reward only offers $1 for 1000 points.


#5 FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps claims to have distributed over $ 27 million in gift cards and their claim seems to be legit as it one of the most appreciated apps in the category of points and rewards.

You earn points by downloading apps and games just like others in this category. You also earn bonus points through referrals and social media contest.

FreeMyApps stand out from other apps in this category as it also rewards you for watching youtube videos. This feature is unique to FreeMyApps only.

There is another great feature. You can also donate to charity if you have earned some extra points.


#6 InstaGC

InstaGC stands for Instant Gift Cards and they truly live up to their name. You can earn enough points in no time to claim your free Google Play gift card.

100 points equal to $1 and Google Play cards they offers are in $10, $15 and $25 values. They provide you points for completing surveys, watching videos, shop from their sponsored partner or surf the net.

You earn 10 bonus points when you sign up and get an additional 110 points for each signup through your referral.

For time to time, additional bonus opportunities also come in for trying some new products, visiting the partnered website or listening to music.


#7 AppNana

AppNana is another very popular app that lets you earn points or rewards.

AppNana is fairly simple and easy to use. It rewards you with nanas or points for downloading featured apps and games.

You are awarded 400 points each day just for signing in to your AppNana account.

You can even earn a point for playing games you like such as candy crush or downloading an app like Facebook.

You can easily redeem these points for Google Play gift card. AppNana also provides Amazon gift card and iTunes gift card as well.


#8 JunoWallet

JunoWalletJunoWallet is another great app for getting your free Google Play gift card. The app is available for Android platform and easy to use with a great interface.

JunoWallet has the same reward point system as the other app and website mentioned here.

You earn points for doing simple work like downloading apps and games, watching videos or completing surveys.

JunoWallet has a unique feature though to earn points that are not in other apps. It lets you make money by making calls.

There is another feature called mystery rewards. To win a mystery rewards offer you have to open it very fast as it only appears for 10 seconds and disappears.

JunoWallet also has the referral system. You get rewards when some join through your referral. It works on the level basis. The more people under your referral and are active on JunoWallets the more point you are going to make.

The reward for these points that you earned can be a Google Play gift card code or many other online gift cards.

If you are not interested or have enough of Google Play credits then you also have the option to exchange these points for retail gift cards.


#9 WHAFF Rewards

Another great way to earn free Google Play gift card is through WHAFF Rewards. What you have to do is link your facebook account with WHAFF Rewards to earn points.

When you’re account is connected you can then earn points by downloading apps and games.

The longer you have WHAFF Rewards app install on your smartphone, the more additional points you can earn.

WHAFF Rewards offers Facebook cash, Playstation Codes Google Play codes and even cryptocurrencies as the rewards.


#10 Gift Box

Gift Box is another top app on android platform for rewards point category.

Its popularity can easily be assessed by its near 5-star rating and more than 60000 plus reviews.

You earn the point that you can redeem for free Google Play gift card by downloading games and apps and watching videos

You also earn points for referrals signup and logging into your account each day. That’s easy right!

There are also other varieties of the task each day that lets you earn extra points. They also have a spin wheel, through which you have of the chance of winning significant rewards. Who knows you may get lucky. Fun and earn at the same time.


#11 Cubicer

CubicerCubicer was previously known as Cubic Reward. It has the same methodology of points and rewards which you earn for using apps and games.

Referrals system is also there and you earn extra points for referring Cubicer to your friends.

You can redeem the points you earned for Google Play credits. Apart from this Cubicer also offers you PayPal balance in exchange for points.


#12 GiftHulk

GiftHulk is another platform that offers many ways to earn rewards. Performing a task like downloading free apps, completing surveys and other daily tasks can easily let you earn your free Google Play gift card.

They have a variety of task available and works in the United States, Canada and the majority of European countries.

Wide assortments of gift card options are available once you have earned enough points, just head over to the payment page and spend the coins on whatever gift card you want. This includes Amazon, Paypal, Google Play credits and even crypto coins.

As a bonus for you just download the GiftHulk and enter the referral code OR1831442 and you will get 250 points instantly.


#13 AppKarma

AppKarmaWe just can’t ignore to include AppKarma in our list. This relatively simple to use app pays you for testing and using apps, completing surveys and watching videos.

You can easily swap these karma points for Google Play codes, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam codes and PayPal cash.

AppKarma is one of the highest rated apps for earning free money. They also offer achievement points to better your rewards and level up your points.


#14 Register Your Device (only for Samsung users)

It’s common knowledge that Google itself offers free Google Play gift card whenever you shop for any Google devices like Pixel, Google Home etc.

Following the same line Samsung now also offers Google Play codes whenever you purchase their devices.

You only have to register your Samsung device to check whether you qualify for the offer or not. Hurry up you may get your free Google Play gift card.

You can get $25 in Google Play credits. Awesome deal!


#15 Buy a Chromecast Device

As mentioned above Google also offers you free Google Play gift card for buying their device such as chromecast.

If you have a chromecast device you can register your device now and check whether you qualify for the offer or not.

The amount of credits or rewards you get is not fixed. You may get a $5 or $25 in Google Play credits. And it not limited to only one device you can register all your Google devices and may earn Google Play codes for each device you register.

There are also different offers available from time to time. You can get a total of $6 for each of your device as of the latest. For this, just register for Chromecast offers.

How to Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card?

So you have tested all the above-listed methods, and earned for yourself free Google Play Gift Card.

Now, how to redeem these credits so that you can purchase the full version of your favorite apps. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to and log in to your Google Play account.
  • Once logged in you can now search for all the premium apps and games you want to purchase.
  • Select the app you want, click on the buy button and press continue.
  • You will land on the payment page. Under the payment methods select the Google Play gift card balance and complete the payment process. Enjoy!


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About Free Google Play gift Card Generator & Hack

As our team kept searching the internet for genuine methods to get Google Play codes we have came across many websites that claim to provide Free Google Play Gift Card instantly through there generator software.

They are all fake without any doubt. Most of them are just tricking the users to perform some action that would benefit them and the users will get nothing.

We strongly recommend that you stay away from these sites as there are also risks of your PC or smartphone being exploited and hacked by installing malware to get your valuable personal information.



While there are many websites and apps over the internet claiming to provide you with free Google play gift cards, only a few of them are legit and provide you genuine ways to earn Google Play gift card. Then also it’s not completely free. It requires you do some task and after that only you can redeem your Google Play credits.

If you are willing to put some effort then this guide on 15 genuine, tried and tested method to get free Google Play gift cards is definitely worth a read.

All it takes is some of your time, a good internet speed, and a PC or a smartphone and you are good to go.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

GTA 5 Stock Market Guide to Make Millions Of Free Money

The stock market in GTA 5 runs the same as in real life. It has the same unpredictable price movements and the fluctuations are so random you will lose money in no time if you are not careful while investing.

Investment tips to get huge returns on GTA 5 stock market

In this guide on How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market, we are going to give you tips and methods to manipulate the GTA 5 stock market so that your investments always results in profits

GTA 5 Stock Market Hack

Understand the Stock market

LCN and BAWSAQ are the two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5. While LCN is directly affected by the in-game events BAWSAQ, on the other hand, is influenced by the collective actions of all the GTA 5 community members.

Now your focus should be on the LCN market as you will be able to manipulate it through your actions in the game. Whenever you cause anything bad in the game, the price on the stock market will drop. That is the key here, make the bad things happen. Got it! No? Don’t worry just follow our GTA 5 stock market guide and see your investments doubles and triples in no time.


Make money on GTA 5 stock market by carrying out the assassination missions.

You can manipulate the stock market in GTA 5 to your advantage and earn millions in GTA 5 money by carrying out the assassination missions.

This basically lets you damage the stock price of one company so the price of its rival company rises. You can use these stock market manipulations to rake in big profit.

Below we have listed all the assassination missions and the action you should take to earn maximum in GTA 5 money.

#1 The Hotel Assassination Mission

The first assassination mission that you get from Lester is the  Hotel Assassination mission. By completing this mission you can manipulate the stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) and Bilkington (BIL).

As the share price of Bilkington tank down, Betta Pharmaceuticals’ price will rise up. That is the opportunity for you to catch.

Steps you should follow while doing “Hotel Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before starting the mission invest with all your characters in Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • The stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals peaks at around 80% so wait until the rise, and then sell all the stocks of Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • Now when you complete the mission stock price of Bilkington will hit the bottom so that’s when you should buy them.
  • Wait until you think that you will get the maximum profit as the price return to normal, sell all the stock of Bilkington.


#2 The Legal Trouble Mission

The stock price of FlyUS will hit the rock when you complete the Legal Trouble mission. Although the stock price of its rival AirEmu will rise up. The situation will remain so until you complete the meltdown mission, after which the prices will return to their original value.

Steps you should follow in “Legal Trouble Mission” :-

  • Before the start of the legal trouble mission invest in the stocks of AirEmu.
  • Wait until the prices have reached the maximum and all the effect due to the Legal Trouble Mission have taken place, sell all the AirEmu shares and purchase FlyUS stocks.
  • Complete the Meltdown mission and when you think you have gained the maximum profit sell all the FlyUS stocks.


#3 The Redwood Assassination Mission

By carrying out this assassination mission from Lester you will be damaging the share price of Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) and in the process helping its rival’s Debonire on the LCN stock market to reach the peak.

Steps you should follow in “Redwood Assassination Mission” :-

  • Invest in Debonire cigarettes before the start of the mission as their price will be going up as you complete the mission.
  • Debonair peaks at around 80% so wait till it reaches that level then sell it and invest in Redwood Cigarettes whose stock price will be licking the ground by now.
  • Wait till the market rebound and it will take some time, but the profit is worth the wait. Your investment will be tripled.


#4 The Vice Assassination Mission

You will be damaging the price of Façade (FAC) in order to lift up the price of Fruit (FRT) on the BAWSAQ market by carrying out this assassination mission.

Steps you should follow in “Vice Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before attempting the mission, invest in Fruit (FRT) stocks.
  • Now wait as the market peaks around 50%, then sell all the stock of Fruit (FRT) and invest in the stocks of Façade (FAC), all the money that you have earned from the investment in Fruit (FRT) shares.
  • As the market has plummeted due to your assassination mission wait for it to rebound, then sell all the stock you are holding. This investment will bring you about a 30% return on Investment.


#5 The Bus Assassination mission

This is the fourth assassination mission from Lester and it will let you tank down the stock price of Vapid (VAP) on the BAWSAQ market.

As Vapid don’t have any rivals so there will be no pre-mission buying.

Steps you should follow in “Bus Assassination Mission” :-

  • After completing the mission wait as the market is hit by this assassination and the share price of Vapid (VAP) deflates completely, then buy as many Vapid stocks as you can.
  • Now you wait till the market rebound and you get 100% return on your investment.


#6 The Construction Assassination Mission

The aim of this mission is not to plummet the price of any stock, but to get back business of GoldCoasts Company from another rival construction firm.

This will raise the price of GoldCoasts stocks and you will get the opportunity to rake profit from this event.

Steps you should follow while doing “Construction Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before the mission invest in GoldCoast stocks.
  • After you have carried out the mission wait as the price of GoldCoast stock peaks at around 80%, then sell them to cash the profit.

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Guide To Complete Tinkle mission In GTA 5

This is not actually manipulating the stock market but more of like insider information. This is a random event in the game north of the highway.

You have to drop a hitchhiker at the airport. You will be paid by him and he will also advise you to invest in the stock of a company named Tinkel.

Now if you invest in Tinkle at this point and wait for some time the stock will usually give you a 30% return on your investment.


Make money on GTA 5 stock market by causing chaos

The idea behind this method is that every action of yours has an impact on the stock market in GTA 5.

What you can do is determine any vehicle of your liking or a plane of a particular manufacturer. When done just go on the rampage of destroying every single vehicle or shooting down any plane of that particular company that you get your eyes upon.

This will cause the stock price of that company to fall. Now invest in that company when the share prices are lowest.

Next go on the rampage again but this time your target is every other vehicles and plane expect the company you have invested in.

This will take some effort but eventually, you will be able to raise the stock price of the company you have invested because of the destruction you have caused to the other manufacturers.

Now, this method is somewhat debatable, but those who love action and want an excuse to cause havoc in Grand Theft Auto V, then they will love this method as it is also providing them the opportunity to make money out of this. So go on try this method too and who knows you may double or triple your investment on GTA 5 stock market.


Make Profit From Merryweather Investment

For this, you have to wait until the game ends. All the chaos and destruction you have caused will have a very damaging effect on Merryweather’s stock price and they will deflate when the game end, particularly so if you have chosen ‘The Third Way’.

You have the opportunity right there. Invest your money in Merryweather stocks and wait and watch as your investment gives a big return.


Make Money Through High-Frequency Stock Trading

This method is a little riskier but can give you a big return if you have a lot of money to invest. For this, it is recommended that you try this after completing all of Lester’s assassination missions.

Tips & Tricks For “High Frequency Stock Trading” :-

  • On the LCN market buy the stock at the cheapest price and save your game immediately. Stock prices refresh every 45 seconds so you have to save immediately.
  • Pretending to buy more check the price of the stock you have invested. If you stay on the purchase more stock page, the price will keep on refreshing for you constantly.
  • If the price goes up, save the game and repeat the above step once again. If the price goes down start your game from the initial save and try again.

This could be a little annoying but can really give you big returns as you have invested big amount into it.

Now stock prices are not going to skyrocket, but even a few cents increase can add up to huge profit as you have bought cheap and have a lot of money riding on it.


Earned enough amount? Here’s the list of best cars you should buy after making millions in GTA 5: Best Cars in GTA 5



Investing in GTA 5 stock market can give you huge returns if you know the tricks, have patience and invested in the right stocks at the right time.

After each assassination mission don’t rush, just wait till the things settled down and the market has rebounded completely before you sell out your stocks and cash the profits.

That’s all then from our How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market guide. Please give your valuable feedbacks and leave comments in the comments section. We really appreciate our reader’s participation.



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